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Maintaining your HVAC system is a critical step in making sure your equipment is running at peak efficiency all year long.


Benefits to having your HVAC precision cleaned:

1: Keep your system running at peak efficiency.

        - Gas and oil appliances get dirty with usage.  As filters,burners,blowers, and other parts become dirty, your system has to                  work harder to maintain temperatures, which means fuel and power usage may increase. 

          By having your HVAC system annually cleaned, you can expect longer life from your investment.


2: Find potential problems, before they become a problem.

        - Nobody likes a breakdown, and nobody likes a breakdown on the coldest or hottest times of the year.  While not every                     problem can be forseen, our trained technicians can evaluate your hvac system.  If something doesn't seem right, we will                 tell you of the problem, before it becomes a problem.  Be pro-active, not re-active.

3: Many manufactures are requiring maintenance records for warranty repairs now.

        -  All manufactures offer parts warranties on their products.  There are conditions that need to be met, in the event a warranty             situation arises.  One of those conditions is annual maintenance by a reputable service company.  If proof of maintenance               is asked for by a manufacturer, and cannot be provided, you may be denied warranty of the failed part, and may be                           responsible for the whole repair cost. 

  • We work on most major brands of furnaces and boilers.

  • Our cleaning specialists are highly trained and will treat your home just if it was their own.

  • We clean Natural Gas, LP (liquid Propane) Oil, and Electric, Furnaces, and Boilers.

  • Cleaning your equipment ensures the manufactures warranty remains effective. (if applicable)

  • We perform a combustion analysis to make sure equipment is safe to operate for your family and home.

(USA) Urtz service Agreement

Save Money and Guard Your Investment with an Urtz service maintenance Agreement!

This program is a prepaid agreement that will provide you with up to tow (2) visits per year, if you have a heating and cooling system or one visit per year, if you have only a heating system or a cooling system.

This plan includes the following benefits:

  • Priority service within 24 hours, over non-agreement customers

  • Automatic reminders - We contact you when it is time for cleanings (Spring or Fall).

  • Complete routine maintenance prolongs the life of the equipment and can reduce energy costs.

  • Replace/clean filters included (high quality 1" pleated filter)

  • Lubricate, adjust and safety test specified equipment

  • 15% off all repairs (both parts and labor) when they are made on specified equipment covered under this agreement

  • Never any overtime charges on nights, Saturdays, Sundays or holidays for emergency work only.

  • Accessory coverage on repairs of humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, media filters. thermostats and UV lights

  • Friendly, knowledgeable technicians will perform all maintenance.