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Urtz Service Company, Inc. was started in 1953. Located in Verona, New York, Urtz Service offers HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) Services for Oneida and Madison Counties in New York State including Rome, Clinton, Hamilton, Oneida and Canastota .



       Bob, President              Carol, Office Manager     Matt, Comfort Consultant

                                             30+ years w/Urtz Service                              25+ years w/Urtz Service                             10 years w/Urtz Service



       Cass, Lead Installer          Beck, Service Technician

                                                                                       6 years w/Urtz Service                                    8 years w/Urtz Service


Tyler, Tune-Up Technician               Scott, Service Technician

5 years w/Urtz Service                                                    1 year w/Urtz Service 


The Beginning


Urtz Service Company Inc. was the idea of Robert A Urtz Sr. in 1953. His business plan was to provide quality service and installation of heating and plumbing products to the Western Oneida and Eastern Madison county areas. There was Robert and one employee that thought if they provided quality service and installation of heating and plumbing products that local homeowners and businesses would call and become loyal customers. He always believed in giving the customer the best product available that would solve their problems at an investment that was affordable.

Robert also believed providing quality workmanship on the products that he sold to customers so that the products would last as the manufactured intended. Robert also believed in giving the customer a workmanship warranty that was at least for one year since his workmanship was always performed to industry standards or better. He always said it is better to install the product correct the first time, to go back and repeat the process the second time was no good for Urtz Service or the customer.

This was the beginning of a company that has been in business for over 50 years and in the year 2013 celebrating its 60th year in business.

The 2nd Generation


In 1973 Robert Urtz Jr. joined Urtz Service as a field technician. He was taught the same values his father  brought to the company when he started the business in 1953. In 1981 Robert Jr. went to school to learn how to repair and install air conditioning to add to the plumbing and heating services that Urtz Service had been providing its customers for over 20-years.

In 1986 Robert Jr. purchased the business from his father. When Robert purchased the business, there were two employees. Today we have seven dedicated co-workers that want to provide the best service or installation on plumbing, heating or air conditioning products.

Our company goal is to provide quality same day service on plumbing, heating and air conditioning repairs and to install the best plumbing, heating, and air conditioning products available to our customers. Urtz Service has a goal that every customer we work for will be with them for a lifetime. Urtz Service strives to have 100% customer satisfaction on the repair and installation of every product it sells or services. One way we accomplish 100% satisfaction is to have weekly meetings with our co-workers to keep up on the latest changes in products and listening to our customers' concerns to provide the best service in the area.

The 3rd Generation


In 2002 Robert Jr.'s son Matthew joined the business as the sales coordinator for Urtz Service. Along with sales, Matt also performs all the IT for the company, along with various office duties. Mathew, just as his father and grandfather, believes that giving the customer the best service and products will keep our customers with us for a long time.

The Future


With the computer age, along with the internet and iPhones, technology is playing a serious role in the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning industry. We at Urtz Service will strive to always be ahead of the curve to provide the most up to date product and quality service available in the market today and in the future. 


We offer several different financing plans to qualified buyers.



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